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What Are Stick Packs ®?

Stick Packs ® are elongated, tube shaped paper packets sealed across and at both ends. We currently package white refined and natural raw sugar, sweetener, salt, and pepper. Not only is the slick design far more appealing than that of conventional pillow pouch packets but offers practical advantages  including ease of opening and dispensing without spillage. Stick Packs ® are also friendlier to the environment as the paper content is half that of regular portion packets. Stick Pack USA cuts half the number of trees and cuts your amount of trash in half! Most importantly, Stick Packs® offer unprecedented advertising possibilities as a unique miniature billboard. 

Originating in Japan, Stick Packs ® have taken Europe by storm and were introduced to the United States by Stick Pack USA, Inc. in 1998.  The response has been overwhelming and we now have a large clientele of hotels, resorts, catering businesses as well as coffee roasters and outlets.  Stick Packs ® make for original and festive table settings and enable you to express your personal style!

All Stick Packs ® are available in customized designs. We provide the ability to promote your business in an eye-catching format that is easy to open and pour.

Stick Pack® is a registered trade mark of parent company Sonnen & Co
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